New Stock: 555 suspension ball joints, control arms, tie rods, stabilizer links, etc.

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555(pronounced Three-Five) is a Japanese manufacturer of top quality chassis and suspension parts, for Japanese cars. Ball joints, control arms, inner tie rods, outer tie rods, stabilizer links (everyone calls them sway bar link, but the "official name" is stabilizer links), pitman arm and idler arms. They make it, we stock it.

ALL parts are Made in Japan.

Unfortunately, 555 only manufactures parts for Japanese cars! (Which is really too bad because we wish they made stuff for other cars too, but they don't)

Bottom line...Good pricing, good quality, and lots in stock!


New Products

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Try our semi-loaded calipers. They come with bracket and all the hardware you need to do the job right!

Check out our selection of control arms for imports, and domestics.